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Although the instructions that follow are lengthy, they are intended for first-time users. Miacup is no more difficult to use than a tampon and usually takes only a few seconds to insert or remove.

Preparations before using for the first time (important)

First, wash Miacup thoroughly with a mild, perfume-free soap. Rinse well, then sterilise either by boiling in a pot of water for 6 minutes, or by soaking in some isopropyl rubbing alcohol for 10 minutes. Rinse well again and you're ready to use your new Miacup.

If you choose to sterilise by boiling, use a clean pot and make sure that you completely cover Miacup with water to avoid damaging it.

If you choose to sterilise with rubbing alcohol, always make sure to follow all safety instructions. Rubbing alcohol can be dangerous if misused.

When to insert Miacup

Miacup can be worn at any time in your menstrual cycle, during your heaviest and lightest flow. To ensure complete preparedness, you can even insert it right before your cycle starts.
insertion instructions
1. Start by thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water. Rinse Miacup well to remove any fibre or dust particles. Especially when using Miacup for the first time, you may wish to lubricate the entrance of your vagina with water or a water-based lubricant to ease insertion.

2. With the pull-tab facing down toward the floor, hold Miacup in front of you with both hands as illustrated. Press both thumbs into the cup, just below the upper ridge, so that you flatten the sides of the cup together.

3. Still using two hands, fold the flattened cup in half (i.e. over itself) so that the rim at the top forms a "u" shape with the open end of the "u" facing your body. Holding it firmly to keep this shape, transfer the cup to your dominant hand and hold as illustrated. You should be holding the cup just below the upper ridge.

4. Relax your vaginal muscles and get into a comfortable position either squatting, sitting over the toilet or standing with one leg raised (for example, on a stool or closed toilet seat).

Spreading your legs, gently separate your labia with your free hand. Rim-first and with the rounded end of the "u" shape facing you, slowly guide Miacup into your vaginal opening

5. While directing it toward the small of your back (the base of your spine), continue to insert Miacup into your vagina just until the cup and pull-tab are completely inside. It is normal for Miacup to pop open before it is completely inside - this should not interfere with insertion.

Please note: Miacup is not to be inserted high in the vagina like a tampon. Do not insert Miacup too far as doing so can make removal more difficult and can actually interfere with the effectiveness of its seal.

6. Lightly pinch the base of the cup (not the pull-tab) and gently try to give it one full rotation in either direction. Doing so helps to avoid leaks by ensuring that the cup has opened fully. The cup should rotate easily when properly open.

As an extra measure, though one that is usually unnecessary, you can check that it is fully opened by sliding a finger up next to the cup and feeling all the way around it.

Once properly in place, wash your hands one final time and you're done.

Insertion problems (discomfort)

When properly inserted, you should be unable to feel Miacup or its pull-tab. If Miacup feels uncomfortable or pinches when you sit down, you probably have it inserted incorrectly. Remember that the vagina is tilted backward, so always try to aim Miacup toward the base of your spine.

In particular, when seated, the pull-tab should stay inside the vagina. You can trim the tab if necessary (many women choose to), but please take care not to damage the bottom of the cup or to trim the tab so short that removal becomes difficult.

Rotating the cup in place and/or moving it up and down may aid in finding the correct position. Initially, you may feel some resistance when inserting Miacup. This is natural and is caused by the contraction of the vaginal muscles that help keep Miacup in place. If you can't get Miacup in with your first attempt, try again.

Insertion problems (leakage)

If Miacup seems to move around, slip down or ride up during use, check that it inserted correctly and that the cup is fully opened. Remember that Miacup is not worn high like a tampon.

Alternative folds may be helpful if you're struggling to get the cup to open fully. For some suggestions regarding alternative folds, click here.

If you're using Miacup Model 1 and it seems to leak and/or move around despite proper insertion, you may see better results by trying Miacup Model 2. Model 2 is very slightly bigger (3mm at the diameter) and may provide a better fit even if you are petite, are under 30 years of age and have never had children.

If you're using Miacup Model 2 and it seems to leak and/or move around despite proper insertion, you may like to try strengthening your vaginal muscles through the use of Kegel exercises. Done daily for a few months, these should help to improve the hold that your vaginal muscles are able to exert on Miacup.

For further suggestions/details, click here.

Additional notes

Inserting Miacup too far is not in any way dangerous. Since the opening of the cervix at the top of the vagina is much, much too small for Miacup to pass through, it is completely impossible for Miacup to become "lost". The worst that can come from inserting the cup too far is an unnecessary nuisance during removal.

Especially for new users who aren't yet entirely confident with it, Miacup can be worn with a panty liner or even a sanitary pad as backup.

Using Miacup should be easy, quick and reliable but, as with traditional tampons, it may take some practice and some getting to know your own anatomy before Miacup consistently works as well as it can. In particular, note that the directions we give are merely guidelines: every woman's body is different and it is normal to need to experiment a little before you find the method that works best for you.

Support information

If you're still struggling to get Miacup to work correctly, please click here to visit MiaTalk, our discussion board. There you'll be able to search our archive of troubleshooting tips. In addition, you'll be able to discuss your problems with staff and with other Miacup users.

Finally, you can click here to contact our Customer Service Department.

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