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Although the instructions that follow are lengthy, they are intended for first-time users. Miacup is no more difficult to use than a tampon and usually takes only a few seconds to insert or remove.

When to remove Miacup

Depending on how heavy your flow is (this varies from woman to woman), Miacup will usually be full between 4 and 12 hours after insertion. When you first start using it, monitor the level of fluid in the cup. By doing so, you will quickly learn how often you'll need to empty the contents.

Generally, Miacup should be removed, emptied and cleaned at least twice a day. As a precaution, don't leave the cup in for longer than 12 hours at a time without emptying and cleaning it, even if it isn't full.

Miacup may be safely worn overnight, again, if it isn't inserted for longer than 12 hours. It is usually a good idea to empty and clean Miacup before going to sleep and again upon waking.

While it is not necessary to remove Miacup before urinating or having a bowel movement, it may be a good idea to check that the cup is still properly positioned after defecation.

Miacup must be removed prior to sexual intercourse. Please also note: Miacup is NOT a contraceptive device and does NOT provide any protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
removal instructions
1. Start by thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water.

2. Relax your vaginal muscles and get into a comfortable position either squatting, sitting over the toilet or standing with one leg raised (for example, on a stool or closed toilet seat).

Spreading your legs, gently separate your labia with your non-dominant hand. As if having a bowel movement, bear down lightly with your internal muscles. Doing so can help lower the cup, making it easier to grasp.

Insert the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand into the vagina until you're able to reach Miacup's pull-tab.

3. Following the natural angle of the vagina, gently tug on the pull-tab until you're able to reach the ribbed base of the cup. As illustrated, firmly pinch the base to break the cup's suction seal with the vaginal wall. While gently squeezing the sides of the cup and angling it slightly sideways to release any trapped air, remove Miacup. As the cup is completely removed, angle it vertically to avoid spilling the contents.

4. Empty the contents of Miacup into the toilet.

With a mild and perfume-free soap, carefully wash and rinse Miacup. Note that the 4 small holes below Miacup's top rim should also be kept clean. If clogged, submerge Miacup in water and squeeze water out through the holes.

If washing facilities are unavailable or if you'd prefer not to use them in a public place, you may simply wipe Miacup clean with toilet paper or with a feminine hygiene cloth (again, preferably a mild, perfume-free variety). Some women like to bring a small spray bottle of water into the stall with them for rinsing. When wiping clean, make sure not to leave any paper or cloth fibres on the cup.

5. Reinsert the cleaned Miacup, wash your hands one final time and you're good to go!

End of cycle

Always wash and sterilise Miacup at the end of your cycle so that it's fresh and ready for next month.

To sterilise the cup (you can do this whenever you like), either boil it in a pot of water for 2 to 3 minutes or wipe it thoroughly with some isopropyl rubbing alcohol (at least 70 proof).

If Miacup becomes discoloured over time, you can soak it overnight in some isopropyl rubbing alcohol. If it develops an odour, you can soak it overnight in a glass of warm water and 1 teaspoon of vinegar or a few drops of tea tree oil.

Finally, rinse well, pat dry and store Miacup, properly ventilated, in its fabric draw-string bag until your next period. Do not store Miacup in a plastic bag or other airtight container.

Removal problems

The most important thing when removing Miacup is to remember to relax. It is completely impossible for Miacup to become "lost". The vagina is a relatively short, muscular tube that leads directly to the opening of the cervix (the size of a pinhead) and nowhere else.

If Miacup has worked its way higher in the vagina toward the cervix and you're unable to reach it, there is absolutely no reason to panic: Miacup can be removed.

First, rest your buttocks on your heels in a squatting position. Doing so shortens the vaginal canal. While bearing down with your internal muscles as if having a bowel movement, insert your fingers into the vaginal canal and try to grasp the pull-tab or the bottom of the cup. If you can reach the pull-tab or the bottom of cup, simply remove as usual.

If, after this, you cannot reach the cup, simply leave in place it for the time being. Gravity will naturally bring it back down in several hours. Even if full, the cup poses no health risk during this time.

In the incredibly rare event that you are still unable to remove Miacup after 12 hours, seek medical advice. In the very worst case, your doctor will remove Miacup for you.

Additional notes

When removing Miacup, do not try to pull it down in an open position, holding it only by the pull-tab. The seal that Miacup creates with the vaginal wall will make doing so very difficult. Please follow the directions on this page.

When travelling, only wash Miacup with water that is safe to drink, bathe or swim in.

When sterilising Miacup by boiling, use a clean pot and make sure that you completely cover Miacup with water to avoid damaging it. Ideally, you should select a small pot just for this purpose that will not be used for cooking.

When sterilising Miacup with rubbing alcohol, always make sure to follow all safety instructions. Rubbing alcohol can be dangerous if misused.

Using Miacup should be easy, quick and reliable but, as with traditional tampons, it may take some practice and some getting to know your own anatomy before Miacup consistently works as well as it can. In particular, note that the directions we give are merely guidelines: every woman's body is different and it is normal to need to experiment a little before you find the method that works best for you.

Support information

If you're still struggling to get Miacup to work correctly, please click here to visit MiaTalk, our discussion board. There you'll be able to search our archive of troubleshooting tips. In addition, you'll be able to discuss your problems with staff and with other Miacup users.

Finally, you can click here to contact our Customer Service Department.

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