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Below you'll find a small selection of the testimonials submitted by our customers.

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age 21 | student

I ordered a Mia cup in the middle of 2009 after coming across it as an advert that popped up on google. I ordered one right away as I thought it was the most brilliant idea! Looking back now I am not sure how I have made it though the past years without it!

I have recently been on an exchange programme and the other girls that I went with had to pack boxes and boxes of Tampons!! I simply brought along my Mia Cup. It has revolutionised my world and I think there really need to be more advertising of this product as I feel every woman should have one of

My mother is a Grade 5 teacher and each year she has to do a talk for her class about becoming a woman and this year she is definitly going to include the Mia cup into her talk as they should be using the Mia Cup from the word go. Mia Cup is simply the next big thing for women!
age 33 | lawyer

I've been using Mia cup since March. I wasn't so sure about the idea at first and when I tried it, it was a bit weird. I've only ever used pads (which I never liked) and never even knew anything like Mia cup existed.

After a few tries, I got it to work properly and started really enjoying the freedom. I never really used tampons (I never trusted them), but Mia cup seems to be even better! I'm busy trying to convince my friend to try it too!
age 22 | student

My friend forced me to try the Miacup after she saw an advert for it. She was too squeamish to try it herself! :)

Its terrific! Worked for me first time no problems. I really like that it can go so long before you need to change it- well- empty it.

Oh- and my friend is using one now too! :)
age 25 | student midwife

My first experience with menstrual cups was at age 19, when I bought a DivaCup on the internet. I was looking for something more environmentally friendly than tampons that would also be kind to my body. I never had any problems inserting it, although in the beginning it kept slipping out of my fingers when I tried to remove the cup. But it was so comfortable and so secure, that I never had any leaks or other problems with it. In fact, I walked around in utter amazement during my first cycle with a menstrual cup – there were no strings or annoyances, and I would never have to buy or throw away another tampon again!

Since then, I’ve been wondering when this extraordinary innovation would come to South Africa, and so it’s been very special to see the arrival of Miacup here in 2008. It’s wonderful to see how South African women are falling in love with it, and I’ve been telling all my friends about Mia. First of all, I LOVE that it’s pink. It’s such a beautiful change from the sterile transparent colour of most other menstrual cups, and makes Mia look so friendly and fun. It’s also fantastic that Mia has a flat pull-tab at the bottom, and prominent ridges on the outside to grasp the cup for removal. It also has slightly bigger holes around the rim for the suction seal, which don’t get clogged the way the DivaCup’s tiny holes do.

I think the Mia packaging is absolutely stunning, and makes the cup feel like a real luxury. Funny, though, because the cup should be a basic necessity for all menstruating women, in my opinion! Insertion is a breeze, and emptying and cleaning it in public washrooms has never been a problem for me. I just take it in my stride, with a smug grin on my face, because I love my Mia!
age 28 | photographer

I just love the mia cup! It is easy to use, convenient and discreet (no tampons accidentaly falling out of your handbag). Being a photographer, i travel a lot, and i work very long hours on a shoot - thus it gives me total freedom to carry on with my work without any interruptions. I was open to any tampon alternative and this is it. Thank you for a great product!
age 28 | accountant

I first found out about menstrual cups several months ago and after spending a lot of time researching the different brands available I decided to try the Mia. I liked the idea of the flat stem and from several comparison charts it seemed like the Mia was one of the softer cups out there.

I've now used my cup for two cycles and I love it to pieces. After giving birth my period has become extremely heavy and I would have to change disposable pads every few hours, with the Mia I just check a couple of times a day and I've never had any trouble whatsoever leaking or feeling uncomfortable. I honestly don't even feel it when it's inside and insertion and removal only took a couple of tries to get a hang of.

I'm extremely happy with Mia Cup's Customer Service and all in all I am so very glad I found out about menstrual cups in general and about Mia Cup in particular.
age 31 | self-employed graphic designer

I don't normally do these kinds of things (testimonial)- but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for Miacup. Since having my child, I've been finding tampons so uncomfortable.

Miacup is completely comfortable- I don't even feel it when it's in. I'm also happy about how environmentally friendly it is. I really hope more women try it. And with the guarantee- THERE'S NOTHING TO LOSE.

My husband didn't like the idea in the beginning- but now he's even more passionate about it than me!
age 34 | sales manager

After my second child I started stuggling with leaking tampons. I never liked pads and an internet search turned up information about menstrual cups (something I had never heard of before).

I wasn't sure if it would work so I ended up buying the Miacup because it came with a guarantee. My first try ended up not going so well (it was leaking even worse than the tampons!) but I contacted the Miacup support people and they were able to help me right away (I needed to try a different kind of fold than the one that was in the manual).

I've been using the Miacup since then (about 4 cycles ago) and could not be happier! Its very comfortable, it doesn't leak and I don't need to change it as often as I used to change tampons (which is great at work).
age 26 | landscape designer

I was a bit sceptical about the size of the Miacup - it looks too big! But I was really surprised at how comfortable it is. Easier to insert than tampons and less messy to remove. The best thing is I can insert it in the morning before going to work, and remove it only when I shower in the evening.
age 18 | student

I found out about menstrual cups when I was surfing the internet and it just seemed so practical. I was so glad to find a company that delivers in SA. There was a problem with my order but the company promptly contacted me to assure me it would be on its way.

It was a bit strange using it at first but once you have found a fold to suit you it is perfect. It's relatively unmessy and very convenient. You have to change it less frequently and it doesn't leak.

It's perfect for active outdoorsy people who can't afford to use tampons because lets face it, they are not easy to dispose of. No longer do you have to carry around anything with you because all you need is with you already. I am very pleased with my Miacup and I'm sure that won't change.
age 25 | jeweller

I was pleasantly surprised when I got and first used my Miacup - it was easy to get used to, not as messy as what I thought it would be, and comfortable to the point of hardly noticeable. I did have one or two leakage problems in the beginning, but those went away when I started getting the insertion right - Just a bit of practice. Very cute packaging!
age 22 | student

I am more than pleased with the utmost professionalism of the MiaCup company. You guys were extremely personable I can attest to your truly excellent customer service.

I really appreciate that you make a quality product. I have used many cups, and none measure up for me like the MiaCup. It's ease of use and simple to follow instructions created a seamless introduction for first time placement.

I have had no problems inserting the product or with leakage, a testament to its user friendly nature and good design. Also, your packaging and presentation of product is superb.

It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I will not hesitate to spread the word and praise about the MiaCup. :)
age 24 | gallery assistant

I LOVE the Miacup! I have been using menstrual cups for three years, and Mia is my number one. I enjoy the softer material, large suction release wholes and the longer solid stem. Everyone I corresponded with during my order was wonderful. Although it took about a month to arrive at my door step, Miacup was worth the wait!
age 28 | quality control officer

I love the Miacup!!! no more every four hours run or hope for a bathroom, no more pieces of bleached cotton staying behind in your body! At first I was a bit skeptical about the size, but quick quick I've mastered it and now its one, two , three and Im on my way for the WHOLE day!
age 44 | office manager

I have used my Miacup recently for the second month and although the first month was a case of "trial and error" being a new experience for me, the second month that I used it I finally "got it" and find it to be extremely "user friendly" and a trouble free alternative to using a regular tampon.

It just feels great not having to discard used tampons and knowing that in some small way I am contributing to the environment, not forgetting the money I am saving not having to buy tampons.  I would recommend the Miacup to all women and although it takes a bit of getting used to, if you persevere it will be worth it.
age 32 | buyer

I came across the Miacup website quite by accident, but was so thrilled at my discovery that I immediately went out to buy one from a health shop. The thought of never having to buy another tampon really appealled to me, both in terms of the monetary value, but also to that of the environment. I don't want my personal waste polluting dumping grounds. Oh yes, and how often have I ripped a tampon from my handbag thinking it was a pen!

Insertion was a breeze, and I love the fact that there are no irritating strings. It was literally a "no strings attached" relationship, and thus I fell in love with my Miacup from the onset.

I also noticed that I did not suffer anymore pain or bloating that accompanied the use of tampons (obviously there are some toxic chemicals used to bleach tampons to make them all beautiful and white). Not such a beautiful thought though!

The first time I used the Miacup I was had to spend approximately 10 hours travelling in a vehicle with very few pit stops, which was obviously no hassle as I was completely assured that cup could comfortably contain it!

The Miacup allows me to feel confident and liberated. I am so pleased to have discovered this fantastic product.

Thank you!

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